June 29, 2014

Design Services

We offer the complete design solution for business, from innovative Logo design with motion and  eye-catching visual effects for television, web video and YouTube to graphic design solutions from design concept to final print.

  • Logo design – A trendy new identity with or without animation to bring your business up to date.
  • Rebranding – A complete overhaul of your business, correct branding can ensure todays visitors are tomorrows clients.
  • Website design – A brand new and exciting web look design,
  • Web Header only – To spice up your existing website or advertising banner.
  • Creative Copy – inspiring text for your business
  • Company Slogan – Memorable and catchy, explaining your business in a few words.
  • Design for Print – Business Card, Letterhead, Poster, Banner, Flyer
  • Logo animation – Existing logo with dynamic movement appropriate to your business.
  • Creative brand motion – An innovative brand animation will draw attention to your business and explain through movement, its growth, direction, quality of its products or services and help attract potential customers to your business as actual clients and not spectators.
  • Visual effects & Web video production –  Imagine the Managing Director or CEO blasting the sales team for not hitting their target or a top performer flying through the air like a super hero, adding visual effects to any video based product will be certain to draw attention to your products.
  • Christmas Party – A video production for the Christmas Party always goes down well to demonstrate the companies success in the previous year.
  • Product Launch – We can create a visual experience to help you launch a product in style.

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